Moment of Silence


Spectacle of Sports

You Don't Feel the Crane

Vision Processor: EN471

The Ball The Field The Arena

You Can't Say You Went to Belgium to Find Yourself...

Connecting Nokia People



Florian Football Highlights

School Scroll

Sunday Scroll


Enter Milan


Stefan Li @TheSushiDragon

Somi Lynda @driplist

Sophie Browning @joan.of.arca & @this.and.a.blunt

By exploring his personal relationship with technology in the recent past and present, Van Zandwijk aims to unravel and provide insight into today’s media technological age. Van Zandwijk's work touches on topics like artificial intelligence, sports, work, social media, mass surveillance and computer vision.

This approach as new media artist takes shape in a variety of roles; as researcher, educator, designer, curator, moderator and concept developer within the field of digital culture. Van Zandwijk is currently part of mot, a collective where he works on the development of commissioned projects, part of Significant Content, where Van Zandwijk organises artist talks for social media makers and as board member of the LINK foundation, holding and promoting a unique collection of artefacts and stories from Seventy years of semiconductor history at Philips, that was fundamental for shaping today’s digital age.


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